How can HustleX help you?

My mission is simple: I don't want to see hardworking sales people struggle with sales.

Scale your sales

If you’re struggling with sales and want to create a process which is both flexible and scalable, look no further. I can help you create a process that will bring results for you and your sales team.

Setup a sales team

I will help you set up a sales team, help with hiring the right talent for your business. Get them onboard by creating a simple yet challenging experience that will bring the best out of them.

Engage with prospects

With the help of HustleX you can learn how to properly showcase your product portfolio and gain more attention from prospects. I'll teach you how to pitch your product that your prospects.

Meet the man behind HustleX

I've been working in sales for over 6 years, mostly in SaaS and have helped scale sales of many companies. I love sales and I want to share that love of sales with everyone around me to help them achieve their goals.
Syed Asad

Syed Asad


Been an avid sales fan since I can remember. I help companies scale their sales by helping them understand their ICP and help implement best ways to reach out to them.


Step up your sales game

Do you need a sales team?

I was going through a discussion on LinkedIn the other day and yes, I find my content inspiration on LinkedIn and Quora. The topic of discussion was: increasing sales and making “sales more repeatable”. It Read more…

Motivation in sales

Let’s talk about a topic that doesn’t get talked about much in detail: Motivation in sales.  If you google the word “motivation” along with “sales”, you get hundreds of articles and videos designed to fire Read more…

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