Get in touch

So you’re thinking of reaching out to me, that’s great!

Why would you want to reach out?

  • You’re looking to build out your sales or customer success team and don’t know where to start
  • You’re looking to scale your sales and success team
  • Need help hiring the right talent
  • Need help building out the processes that will help your reps succeed
  • Looking to collaborate in some way but would like to have a call first

I think that oughta do it. Look, I get it, there is a lot of talent out there in the market and it’s tough to figure out who you should contact and about what. I’m not looking to charge people up front and use this website as a cash cow. I genuinely care about helping people and companies and want to help them succeed.

Having said that, I do value my time and I believe I have a lot to offer. So I will share two options below, one paid and one free. If you want to book a consultation call with me, go with the paid route. If you just want to talk about a potential opportunity, a collaboration or just want to talk sales or success, go with the free option.

If you think I can assist you with, feel free to book some time with me.

30 minute call

Good option if you’re interested in having a quick consultation and cover one or two topics at most.

60 minute call

If you’re interested in covering several topics or have a lot more questions to cover.

Discuss an opportunity

This is not a paid consultation. If you’re looking to discuss an opportunity or a collaboration.