Mistakes are a part of one’s life, speaking at Fuckup Nights Warsaw

Everybody makes mistakes, it’s what you do afterwards that counts.

I have made plenty of mistakes in my career and life, there have been a lot of good times and a ton of hardships. Despite the hard times, I always kept moving, kept myself busy and learnt of my mistake. If you let your mistakes define you, you won’t get far in life.

Somebody once said something very interesting to me, they said and I quote:

Worry more about your character than your reputation. Your character is who you really are and your reputation merely is what other’s think you are.

If your character is strong and you possess a strong will to succeed, no matter what challenge might come in front of you, you will succeed. Never be afraid of progress and making mistakes, you should however learn from them and move on!

Remember, pressure creates diamonds. Fire refines gold. We can either go through things or GROW through. I choose the latter every time.

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Disclaimer: there is profanity in the video.

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