A day in the life of a sales person

Ever heard of this guy?

No? Does Gary Vee ring a bell?

What do they both have in common, you ask? They both represent the epitome of success and THE most overused word in sales “Hustle” (I know, ironic right? since my website is called HustleX 🙄)

I was at the SaaStock conference in Dublin recently and had the good fortune of meeting so many talented sales and marketing people. Most asked me this question, what does your day look like at your job?

So I decided to write this post to show off my traveling and million dollar sales calls. Almost wish this were true!

If there is a word to describe my work day, that would be prosaic.

Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft.

It’s the same routine bundled up with the same cycle of repetitive tasks day in and day out. Like everyone I too am graced with wonderful posts on LinkedIn and Facebook of people traveling half way across the world to meet their clients/prospects and attending conferences.

Truth be told, I don’t know a single person that is traveling half way across the world to close deals on a weekly basis, let alone every month. I work in the SaaS industry and very seldom do I close a deal over $100,000 in ACV (Actual Cash Value).

And even if I do, the farthest I get to seeing my prospects is over a zoom or a skype call. That’s just the nature of how sales are done now. Sales people now have limited time and a lot of leads to go through, traveling and going around meeting people requires a massive budget and allocation of time.

If however you do travel, attend conferences and meet prospects face to face regularly and it works for you, kudos! Do more of it 🙂

This post is more geared towards everyday sales and what my daily routine looks like and I can almost bet my this month’s commission that it matches 90% of the sales people in SaaS 😉.

Morning Hours

I arrive at work almost everyday around 10-ish am. The first thing I do is open Wunderlist and see the leftover tasks from yesterday (if any) and go about creating the to-dos for the day.

Rule of thumb is that I focus on 3 major tasks and 5 minor tasks for the day. Minor tasks include sending contracts/invoices and major tasks include prepping for a major demo (and nailing it) etc.

I then scroll through my emails, slack and the CRM (disclaimer: I use Hubspot). The emails that need to be responded to in the morning I get right to it and start responding.

The tasks that are most difficult or require a lot more focus, I try to do them early on in my day, it just makes the rest of the day better if I start on a high note.

Morning usually revolves around emails and phone calls, responding to any demo or pricing requests from yesterday evening.

I send anywhere from 50 to upwards of a 100 emails every single day and make around 20 to 40 phone calls every day. Therefore, having a good ratio of calls to emails.

I believe phone calls are far superior to emails, since it’s a much more proactive way of reaching out to prospects and it saves a lot of time. Emails on the other hand, tend to be easier to send but it takes time to get a reply. So phone calls are my preferred method of contact.

Afternoon Hours 

My afternoons are mostly filled with demos or scheduled phone calls. It’s also easily the most tiring part of my day, since I have to make notes of all the calls (or summaries) log them to Hubspot, talk a lot (non-stop) and send pricing proposals.

I do recommend that sales people should listen to the prospect more than they speak. If sales person is the one talking the most on a phone call, it’s safe to say that the prospect needs/wants are not being heard properly. Something, I as a sales person struggle with everyday, to shut it and just listen and resist the urge to butt in every 3 secs 😂.

Think before talking. Salespeople suffer from situational amnesia. Customers don’t. They remember everything.

I also try to read some articles regarding sales and marketing. I absolutely love to go through 101 sales emails or similar articles.

Take a look at this post to learn how to streamline your sales process

Imagine writing the same damn follow up email every single day to multiple prospects, you need creativity and these templates help greatly with crafting the perfect follow up email 🙂

Around 3 – 4pm Warsaw time is the most busiest time for me since that is the time when the east coast (US) prospects are going to work and perfect time to give them a call.

Most of my meetings are also scheduled in afternoons, so all in all it’s the most busiest time in the day for me.

Early Evening Hours 

Early evening hours for me are 5pm7pm and they involve calls, calls and calls. Occasional email here and there and surprisingly enough these are the hours when prospects start pouring in with queries on our website and start chatting with us.

There is always that one lead that you need to get in touch with and you just can’t manage to because they are busy or not responding, so with that in mind I take a look at our sales metrics, update where necessary and spend some time thinking how we can better the week/month.

I also try to keep meetings to an absolute minimum.

7pm is where I close my laptop and head home, answering emails on the way 😂no rest for wicked.

Sales is a never ending process. Your goals reset every month and as soon as a client is onboard, the process starts all over again with another prospect. So you just have to put your phone on snooze and enjoy your time with the family and recharge your batteries for the next day.

It took me 5 years to learn how to “switch off” from work mode and just be at ease after work.

I do attend the occasional conference and sometimes meet a prospect in person where need be. A lot of sales people confuse movement with progress. To get to the level of the likes of Gary Vee and Grant Cardone you first have to put years and years excelling at what you do. You have got to love the process and the journey to I-made-it land.

And once you’re on the level where the market wants you, you can do whatever the hell you want.

There is no shortcut in life and the fancy life shown in social media of sales people with Lamborghinis, expensive suits and helicopters is just not reality for majority of us sales people.

Persistence and sheer tenacity is what makes good sales people great. So keep at it, keep following up and never ever give up!

Till next time 👋

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