6-must have sales tools for sales people

Ever heard the expression “Batman is nothing without his utility belt”? Well, likewise salespeople are nothing without their sales tools.

I have had a swarm of salespeople reach out to me in the past few weeks asking about the sales tools I use. Over the course of my career, I have had the good fortune of not only trying but using some of the very best sales tools present on the market for salespeople.

As much as I do believe that tools are what makes salespeople perform better, I’m a big believer in strategy and the way you use those resources is what really matters at the end of the day.

I’d like the tweak the above quote a little bit:

It’s not about how many resources you have, it’s about how well you use them.

Now, there are 100’s of tools out there in the market for salespeople to use. It largely does depend on how you make use of them, as for my choice of tools that help ramp up my productivity, are as follows:

1. Hubspot CRM

Now, a CRM(Customer Relationship Management) software is perhaps the most important tool that each and every salesperson needs and must have! It’s a great way to manage interactions with your prospects and clients.

It contains all your interactions and history with a particular contact or an organization. Which greatly improves business relationships, customer retention and ultimately drives sales growth.

There are an array of different CRMs out there, my favorite (and the one I currently use) is the Hubspot CRM.

Hubspot CRM overview

Hubspot offers a free version of their tool, so it’s a must-have for small sales teams and sales managers. With excellent reporting features and native integrations, it gets my vote.

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2. Wunderlist

Now, I’m a big fan of creating an agenda at the start of every day. When I started out in sales, I wasn’t organized and it clearly showed since I would jump from one task to another. Often times, I felt like I was getting “stuff done” but in reality, I was juggling with too many tasks and lacked structure.

Wunderlist (or a similar to-do list) is a must-have for salespeople. I recommend starting out every day by writing down 3 things you want to focus on and get done by the end of the day.



What I love about Wunderlist, is that:

  • You can collaborate with anyone e.g. colleagues, so just invite them over and remove the back and forth.
  • You can access it anywhere from your desktop or your smartphone, it works great since I don’t have to log the reminders twice.
  • I really like the reminders, but  I love the due dates feature, keeps me on my toes and keeps reminding me of the deadlines.

It’s also great since it’s completely free, so give it a go and let me know if your productivity increases.

3. Aircall

Sales calls are the bread and butter of salespeople, if you’re not calling your prospects and you’re in sales, you’re doing something wrong. Human interaction is a very important aspect of sales and you want to make sure you’re recording those calls to review and subsequently improve.

I love Aircall for various different reasons but mainly because it lets me:

  • Buy phone numbers from different countries.
  • Record all my calls, incoming and outgoing (even without using the app) which is just impressive.
  • Integrates with my favorite apps e.g. Slack and HubSpot and logs calls.
  • and really love the fact that you can re-route a live call to a teammate

Pro-tip for managers: You can integrate aircall with slack to make sure you can see each and every single call made by your team. Awesome, right?!


It is a bit on the pricier side but if you can afford it and want a robust calling system, Aircall is a must-have for your sales tool stack!

4. Email Tracking tool

I’m naturally curious and (impatient!). I want to see when a prospect opens up my emails, clicks on links, etc. This lets me stay on top of my leads and deals, especially at times when you need to send invoices or payment links to a prospect to pay 😉 Every salesperson can relate to that!

Hubspot comes with a robust built-in email tracker and that is what I’ve been using for almost a year now. It logs all the opens/clicks in the prospect’s profile so I don’t really need a 3rd party tool.

Having said that, my absolute favorite go-to email tracker is Mixmax.

Mixmax has an obscene amount of functionalities and the best bang for the buck tool I have ever come across. To mark it as a simple email tracker would be almost disrespectful to this tool. It does so much more, you can:

  • Send email sequences
  • Create polls and surveys
  • Add templates, so you don’t have to re-write emails

And has an absolute gem of a reporting tool, that shows you detailed metrics. And not only yours but also your teams, all in real-time!

Mixmax combined with Gmail = Email productivity x1000. An absolute must-have for your sales tools stack.


5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re doing outbound sales reach-out and not using the sales navigator, then you need to re-think your whole sales strategy.

LinkedIn is by far the largest professional network with over 500 million registered users, so common sense dictates that it would be full of awesome sales opportunities from every sector.

You can easily prospect many sales opportunities with the help of the sales navigator and it gives you:

  • Advance and in-depth way to find the right companies and people who work there
  • Integrate it your favorite CRM
  • Contact any LinkedIn member by using inMail

Need I say more? If you haven’t tried or given sales navigator ago, now is the time and I’m sure it would become a permanent part of your sales process.

Sales Navigator

Talking to a client and suddenly your video conferencing tool crashes? or having trouble setting up the meeting? Well, we all have experienced that pain and it’s not pretty.

Which leads us to our 6th and final tool that should be in your sales tools stack and that is:

6. Zoom

Hands down the best (and the most reliable) video conferencing tools out there. I have tried every tool for video conferencing under the sun and zoom takes the cake. Period.

It’s an amazing tool, I love the fact you can download the app for the desktop for macs. Once it’s there, you can start new calls, and record them. There is an option to either record on your computer’s hard drive or on the cloud (you will need the paid version in order to do that).

If you use google chrome, then you can download the zoom plugin.

It helps you set meetings straight from google calendar. It saves so much time as it automatically fills in the details of the meeting for you.

Zoom – screen share

You can share your screen with the participants, draw on the screen (yes draw!) and not lose the video/audio quality. The interface is really pretty and intuitive. If you have the “business plan” then you can have your own vanity URL which is great and helps you stand out.

It also has a great reporting feature and you can even conduct webinars through the zoom. It’s a really reliable and easy to use to video conferencing tool and my sales tools stack is incomplete without it!


There are many tools out there in the market that might work just as well as the ones mentioned above. However, it’s a good idea to find the tool stack that works for you and your team.

At the end of the day, it’s about how you use those resources that really matters. These tools are designed to make the journey a bit more helpful and to help you achieve your goals.

Do you have experience with any of these sales tools? Would you add any others to the list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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